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ALLY BRYAN - Studio 11

Initially working in Film & Special FX to now carving a career as an artist and surface pattern designer, Ally is inspired by her natural surroundings and guided by intuition.


Ally's designs evolve over time by layering and experimentation with much of her inspiration coming from the coastline and the beautiful shapes found in nature. Ally loves capturing the contours seen in botanicals and landscapes. Working with acrylics, watercolours and inks and using sticks + feathers she combine's these tools to create shape, texture and marks. 

Ally says to create a statement and story with the use of colour, print and pattern and share it with others is what she loves doing. Life is a splash of colour mixed together and shared with friends. 


304 McCarrs Creek Road Terry Hills (see map)
m: 0414 913 006



i: @colouredspace

Landscape 2 copy.jpg
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